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A new centre of excellence CENERG (Integration Centre for Central-East Europe for Research in Energy Supply from Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy Sources.) has been launched in Poland to facilitate long-term sustainable and efficient energy supply from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources (RES) in Central Europe.

Warsaw was selected as the CENERG location based on the fact that Poland is the biggest energy producer in the region.

CENERG is co-financed from EU Directorate-General of Energy and Transport (EU FP5).

CENERG aims to encourage links between energy organizations in CEE (Central East Europe) countries and to create a forum for the exchange of experience between CEE and EU countries.

It  cooperates with the main energy institutes in the CEE, including:

  • the Institute of Power Engineering – Poland,
  • Vyskumny Ustav Energeticky – Czech Republic,
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Slovak Technical University –  Slovak Republic,
  • Lietuvos energija AB – Lithuania,
  • Estonian Energy Research Institute at Tallinn Technical University –  Estonia,
  •  Institute of Physical Energetics of Latvian Academy of Science – Latvia.

The centre will also conduct research on energy integration in the region and with the EU as well as on related topics, such as energy system reliability, production efficiency, emissions reduction, diversification of energy sources, use of biomass and wastes, development of other renewable sources (wind, geothermal and solar energy) and integration of new renewable energy sources (RES) with national energy systems.

The integration activities will by improved by advanced thematic workshops, conferences, regular bilateral meetings, collecting and distributing of information. The newest tools for information exchange and result presentation will be applied.

The first international conference Central-Eastern European Conference and Research Potential for European Energy Sector was held in Warsaw on 29-30 September 2003.

More information on conference and others CENERG’s activities is available on the web page http://cenerg.ien.com.pl