• Candidate with Extensive CFD Experience in Industrial Combustion Modelling

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      Peter Roberts

We have received a message from former IFRF EuroFlam colleague, Christine Bertrand that she is presently in a position to take up new challenges.

Christine Bertrand

Christine Bertrand is of French nationality and has studied in France in Paris and St Nazaire before graduating with Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Génie des Procédés Industriels, from INSA Toulouse in 1989.

She prepared her PhD thesis for the University of Surrey, which she successfully defended in 1995, in Chemical & Process engineering. At that time she also worked for Fuel and Combustion Technology Ltd, as a CFD Modelling Engineer.

Since that time she has gained considerable experience in the field of numerical modelling of combustion systems and other equipment with a number of companies as detailed in her CV.

Her most recent contract is almost completed; thus she is now free and very motivated to tackle new challenges in the domain of modelling.

Whilst she would prefer a position in France, she is used to working in different countries; thus she is also interested to discuss potential projects in other part of the world.

You can read Christine Bertrand’s CV/profile in both French and in English – these may be found in the IFRF Online Combustion Centre at: http://www.combustion-centre.ifrf.net/employment/index.html.

Please do not hesitate to contact her for further information or for an interview.