• Can the UK’s gas grid go green?

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Researchers from Imperial College London have published a white paper exploring options for a greener gas grid.

The current gas grid is used to distribute natural gas to homes and businesses but as we search for greener solutions, the need for a gas grid has begun to reduce. In response, the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) at Imperial College London, reviewed evidence on low-pressure gas networks and switching the network to other sources of energy.

Their white paper looked at technical, environmental and economic costs associated with the switch and the evidence they used was sourced from countries with mature gas networks such as the UK, the USA and the Netherlands. The authors stated that the paper has potential implications for all countries with gas networks.

Dr Jamie Speirs, the lead author from SGI, said: “Our white paper is the first step in helping us to determine if a decarbonised gas network could help some countries to meet their climate targets in the future. We believe decarbonised gas could complement other sustainable forms of energy such as decarbonised electricity.”

Dr Paul Balcombe, a co-author from SGI, said: “The timeframe for the potential conversion of the gas network could be in the late 2020s.”

For more information and to view the white paper please click here.