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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Since last Monday, four new events have been added to the IFRF Calendar Of Technical Events and two have been updated.

Below is the list of the these events with the relative link to the webpage where all the available information can be found:

1. New Events added to the database

Tampere, Finland. 22th March, 2005

FFRC – Finnish Flame Annual General Meeting


London, UK. 18th-20th May, 2005

Introduction to Petroleum Reserves and Economics


Lund, Sweden. 2nd-3rd Jun, 2005

Towards Clean Diesel Engines


Athens, Greece.  23rd and 24th June 2005

Strategic Approach for Implementation of Primary DeNOx Measures in Large EU Pulverized Coal and Lignite Fired Units for 2008- 2015 and after 2015


2. Events which have been updated with new details and new downloadable material:

London, UK. 5th-7th May, 2005

Clean Energy Technology & Investment Exhibition


Atlanta, USA. 7th-8th Nov, 2005

AFRC Symposium Fall 2005