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This week the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events has been updated with further information about several existing events, four new events and a brand new class of events.

The following events have been updated:

23-24 June 2005

Strategic Approach for Implementation of Primary DeNOx Measures in Large EU Pulverized Coal and Lignite Fired Units for 2008- 2015 and after 2015

A newer version of the “first announcement and call for papers” document has been added.


15-17 June 2005

Renewable Energy Finance Asia Plus Carbon Markets Asia

The brochure is now available and there is new information.


7-9 September 2005

Green Power Central & Eastern Europe

Updated with more information.


14-16 November 2005

Green Power Mediterranean

Further information has been added


This week a brand new class of events has been created: Education and Training – a class of events which falls traditionally within the Technical goals of the IFRF.  We hope to bring together information from the Academic Membership of the IFRF within this classification.

The first event belonging to this class is the following course in Utah:

23-25 May 2005

Applied Combustion Technology: Problem Solving for the Utility and Process Industries


Furthermore, the following new events have been added to the calendar:

2-3 May 2005

Green Trading Summit 2005

Fourth Annual Green Trading Summit: Emissions, Renewables & Negawatts.


28 April 2005

Renewable Energies – a trump for the development of rural zones

Approaches and European experience


6-7 September 2005

IPG’05 Conference: fulfilling emission directives for large combustion plant

Presented by International Power Generation (IPG) magazine, the conference will take place in Berlin, Germany.