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      Giovanni Coraggio

New meetings just added to our Calendar of Technical Events will take place during the next two months. In this article you will find a short description of these meetings and a helpful link to the appropriate website for further information.

15 June 2005; Lappeenranta, Finland

Finnish Flame Meeting

Finnish Flame National Technical Meeting


12-15 June 2005; Tucson, Arizona, USA

The 9th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects with special attention to Mexico and the Cross border Issues

The biennial International Congress on Combustion By-Products provides a forum for presentation of research results on the formation of toxic by products of combustion, and on their effects on human health.

The final Program of this event has been added to the website


8 July 2005; Selby, North Yorkshire, UK

Coal in 21st century

Meeting the challenge of climate change will be an important opportunity to discuss security of supply, economic and environmental issues in relation to coal and energy policy in the UK and Europe.