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A ‘Core Group’ of IFRF Members supporting the European Flame Research Initiative has met at the offices of GdF Suez and agreed a framework of activities to be facilitated by the IFRF.  The label ‘EFRI’ embraces some 30 EU based IFRF Members and Non-Members defined as ‘Suppliers’ and ‘Users’ of small to large scale combustion, gasification and fuel test facilities.

The Core Group, comprising representatives of IFRF, Cardiff University (UK), CNRS (France), DTU (Denmark), ENEL (Italy), ETC (Sweden), GdF Suez (France), and GWI (Germany) has agreed to oversee the development of this new Europe-wide industrial combustion network which will:

  • create a searchable on-line directory of European combustion, gasification and solid fuel characterisation test rigs
  • establish an on-line forum for exchange of ideas between members of the EFRI Network
  • organise regular technical meetings, each focused on sharing practical experience with the design and operation of specific types of combustion/gasification/fuels test facilities
  • provide a platform to seek European financial support for the development  of an EU-wide network of complimentary combustion test facilities, and the research activities undertaken using them

In the coming months, IFRF will put in place a new EFRI domain within its web site, and create a content managed web page for each of its EFRI Supplier Members to upload and share information on their combustion test facilities.  It is expected that construction of the necessary databases and web pages will take place during the summer, so that they can be populated with searchable content in the Autumn.
The EFRI Forum is already in existence. It is open to all Suppliers and Users of combustion test facilities on application to the IFRF’s Tracey Biller .
Dates and themes for the first three technical meetings were established, and these will be announced individually in future issues of the MNM as soon the full details are confirmed and entered into the IFRF’s Events Calendar.
Regarding European funding, a number of opportunities to seek funding under the currently open ‘Capacities’ call, and the upcoming ‘Energy’ call have been identified, and EFRI Associates will be alerted to these by email in good time for the formation of consortia to bid for funds.
Organisations wishing to know more about EFRI or to explore options for associating with EFRI are invited to contact IFRF’s Deputy Superintendent of Research Neil Fricker.