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The British Flame – IFRF joint production – the Birmingham TOTeM Cluster takes place next week!

Carbon Dioxide – Control – Concentration – Sequestration – Emissions Trading – . . .

Process Heating in Petroleum, Petro-chemical and Chemical industries: Identifying Trends and Satisfying Needs through Leveraged External Research

Austin Court, Birmingham City Centre, UK
25th and 26th November 2003

You can still register for TOTeM26 and TOTeM27 and indeed present a Poster or Exhibition. For full details, programme development, application forms, go to the web address given below.


If you register now we can guarantee you a seat at the TOTeMs. But the guarantee date for hotel rooms is past – so the quicker you register, the greater the chance you can get a room at Jury’s Inn Hotel…

For information regarding registration, follow the link below…


Don’t Forget to Register Now!