• BiOxysorb Final Workshop (biomass co-combustion)

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Final Workshop (Public) of the EC Cofunded BiOxysorb project “Economic low carbon power production and emissions control for future and flexible biomass cofiring”  will take place in Stuttgart on November 22/23 2016. Free registration for this event has been extended until November 18th (Friday) for IFRF Members. More information, registration form and contact details at BiOxysorb Final Workshop

The main objective of the EU RFCS project BiOxySorb is an experimental and techno-economic assessment of 1st and 2nd generation biomass co-combustion under both air- and oxy-fuel conditions at various co-combustion ratios in combination with flexible, low cost SOx, HCl and Hg emission control by sorbent injection. The project is administered and technically coordinated by IFRF Member Organisation IFK at the University of Stuttgart.