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The findings of a four year project on Large Scale Biomass Co-Firing and Supply Chain Integration will be revealed to the public in Brussels on 10 and 11 December.  There is no cost for attendance and space is limited.

Participation is invited at the final conference for the EC funded project DEBCO – Demonstration of Large Scale Biomass Co-Firing and Supply Chain Integration.   The event is to be hosted by DEBCO partner VGB and takes place at Electrabel in Brussels.

At this key moment at the end of the DEBCO project, which is within the scope of the 7th Framework Research Programme of the European Commission, the results of four years’ work will be shared with the public.

The project was concerned with increasing the share of biomass in co-firing in fossil fuel-fired power plants.  Over the length of the project, this was investigated for different types of biomass and combustion techniques, and all process steps, from fuel processing to flue gas treatment and ash utilisation, were analysed.

Topics to be covered in this two day presentation of the final results of the project  include:

  • Biomass production, supply and quality control
  • R&D support actions within the project
  • Design and Optimisation of co-firing configuration at maximum biomass share
  • Boiler performance: Combustion, Slagging, Fouling, Corrosion
  • Impact of Air Pollution Control Devices (APCD): ESP- and SCR- Performance, Gas Emissions
  • Ash characteristic and usability

The conference will be opened by European Commission representative Julie Tondeur who will present the EU strategy for the promotion of co-firing.

The full programme and a registration form can be accessed from the IFRF Events Calendar or directly from the DEBCO website.

No conference fee will be charged but the number of participants will be limited to 100.