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BIH Logo.jpgBoustead International Heaters (BIH) is an internationally based engineering company which specialise in Direct Fired Heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units. We were established as a member of the Boustead Singapore group in 1997 and have since continued to provide our extensive experience and our facilitative engineering expertise around the globe.

We have since continued in the growth of the BIH family with offices now based in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Malaysia. The entirety of the BIH family work to provide excellence on a global scale to the oil, gas and petrochemical Industry.

The bespoke nature of our Fired Heater designs allows us to provide refined solutions to even the most complex of heater. We have provided a variety of heaters with an ever increasing selection of processes. Our approach to designing bespoke heaters, allows us to assess each Client’s individual requirement and then manage the project utilising established companies worldwide for the supply and fabrication of the equipment. It is this careful management which allows us to have unlimited capacity when supplying our equipment.

BIH have been supplying our modern design for Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) since 2004. Since then our specialist designs and adaptability have made us one of the world’s leading suppliers for Waste Heat Recovery Units. Our bespoke design principle for all our Client’s requirements allows us to provide an efficient and economical solution for their facilities. Our Waste Heat Recovery Unit designs as of August 2014 can currently recover enough energy to heat nearly a million homes.

We continuously support our Clients through the life and creation of their equipment. This can be from managing and adapting to changing needs and requirements, providing queries responses promptly and also advising Clients in both their design and financial efficiencies, adding value to their projects. We know that when it comes to maintaining our high level of production and effectiveness, communication is critical. We work with our Clients every step through the development of equipment, ensuring that our high standards are maintained and our Client’s expectations are exceeded.