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This week we are introducing a new site – the Calendar of Technical Events which covers not only IFRF organised Technical Meetings but a full range of meetings which will be of interest to the different groups of IFRF Members. Why have we updated our websites? The answer is simply feedback from our Members stresses the importance of this service. So we are devoting this edition of the MNM to this new service.

The IFRF is a co-operative organisation dealing in matter concerning the clean conversion of fossil-, bio- and waste derived fuels for power and heat generation and industrial process heating.

Our Individual Members have access to a number of knowledge bases developed and maintained by the IFRF.  But the network of Individual Members – IFRF.Net – is a rich knowledge base in its own right.   Traditionally, Individual Members cooperate, either on a personal basis – with pre-competitive knowledge – or on a contractual basis, as appropriate.

In either event, the most effective human communications are achieved by face to face discussion – therefore Technical Events are are an extremely important part of the IFRF Technical Services.

Feedback from our Members has informed us that a good, regularly updated and easy to find Technical Events Calendar is a valuable service to our Members in its own right. Such a Calendar should incorporate details of the meetings, its objectives, where and where it will be held, calls for papers, presentations and so forth, how much it will cost, how to register and pay – in short: all the normal information we need to decide whether we should attend, whether we can attend and how do we get in.

For these events we have included all the IFRF events – Members Conferences, Flame Days, TOTeMs, Workshops – and similar events organised by others, but of importance to IFRF Members.

We have classified the types of meetings, defining each class of meeting. Readers can browse each class.  Readers can also browse the complete list of all coming technical events, month by month.

We have also added a utility where IFRF Members can propose meetings to be added to the list – go to the Menu and open “Submit event” – fill in the form and the information will be put in the “pending” file for the Editor to read and decide if the meeting fits within the IFRF Members’ Objectives.  If it does it will be published, possibly with some refinement of details.

This updated services is provided in this new website.  Please use it and let us know how it can be improved.