• AFRC Symposium, Hawaii, September 2013

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General Chairman of the 2013 AFRC Symposium Jim Seebold cautions that the Preliminary Agenda is just that, not yet cast in concrete nor scriven on a stone tablet.  He quips, ”As Chips O’Toole (Michael Caine) said when asked, at the end of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, if he had any of those Australian situations left, “Nah, they’re all gone … but some people always drop out don’t they?” 

Jim continues, “Perhaps in the case of AFRC 2013 we might see one or two “No paper, no podium!” dumps due to failure to produce a paper on time, the odd scratch, the last-minute rearrangement or a surprise addition or two.  But the preliminary agenda is more than sufficient to give prospective delegates a good idea of what to expect.  We’re looking forward to a jolly good symposium.”

Delegate and hotel registration details will be posted to the AFRC and IFRF web sites soon.