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Today we are publishing the AFRC Spring Meeting in the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events – this event takes place at the University of Utah on 15th-16th March 2006, the days immediately following the IFRF TOTeM28, organised at the same venue on 13th-14th March 2006.

AFRC Spring Meeting Announcement
The American Flame Spring Conference 2006, is concerned with the subject of:

Experimental, Theoretical, and Computational
Solutions to Combustion Problems.

It is offered by The American Flame Research Committee, The University of Utah and Reaction Engineering International, and is organised by the Institute for Combustion and Energy Studies (ICES) of the University of Utah. It will be held at the Heritage Center, University of Utah on 15th-16th March 2006.

Technical Areas of Interest
Technical areas of interest included: Fire, biomass combustion, black liquor recovery boilers, industrial and utility boilers, cement and lime kilns, process heaters and flares, combustion turbines and co-generation.

Call for Presentations
The American Flame Research Committee (AFRC) in co-operation with the Institute for Combustion and Energy Studies, University of Utah, and Reaction Engineering International would like to invite the participation of:

  • AFRC members,
  • Other IFRF Members and guests from industry, research organizations, universities and any others engaged in research, development, and application of combustion technology for improvements related to combustion, pollution abatement and energy utilization.

All are encouraged to participate and to submit a proposal to present their work at this Conference. If you are interested in presenting, please go directly to the Conference Website. Meanwhile all available information is presented in the Calendar – AFRC Spring Conference.

The AFRC Spring meeting is preceded by the Twenty-Eighth IFRF Topic Oriented Technical Meeting – TOTeM28.

TOTeMs are an essential part of the IFRF Services to Members and are used to determine Combustion Trends for the Future, based on discussion and feedback from IFRF Members and guests participating in the meeting.

TOTeM28 is also organised by the Institute for Combustion and Energy Studies (ICES) of the University of Utah, and will be held at the same venue as the AFRC Spring Meeting – the Heritage Center, University of Utah.

The main topics of TOTeM28 are:

Mercury, Trace Metals, and Fine Particulates
Issues and Solutions

TOTeM28 will form part of the recently announced globalisation of the IFRF activities. TOTeM Chairman Professor Jost Wendt of the University of Utah has already arranged an exciting panel of invited speakers, which will allow the TOTeM to cover US, European and Japanese perspectives on this important topic. Further details of the TOTeM program may be found at the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events.

At TOTeM28, the IFRF will be presenting details of the new facilities which will be available for Members Research projects at Pisa and Livorno in Italy. Professor Tognotti, the new IFRF Director designate also plans to attend – so take this opportunity to participate in the planning of new IFRF activities.

The TOTeM and the associated workshop will be open to IFRF members and non-members. Professor Wendt has also opened a call for posters to compliment and extend the ground to be covered by the TOTeM28 invited presentations. Proposals for posters should be forwarded to Jost on wendt@reaction-eng.com.

TOTeMs have been mainly held in Europe, but with one memorable exception, namely, the extremely successful TOTeM7 on the Topic of Combustion System Scaling, held in Chicago, April 1993.  So why not join the participants at TOTeM28 and make it a “double header” by staying on for the American Flame Spring Conference – all at the same location.

Accommodation etc..
As mentioned both meetings will be held at the University of Utah’s Heritage Center. Accommodation will be in the University Guest House, which is a short walk to the Heritage Center. The Guest House is also located near the UTA Trax line, which provides convenient access to downtown Salt Lake City.

Further details are available at:
IFRF Calendar of Technical Events – TOTeM28.
University of Utah – TOTeM Site