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The American Flame Research Committee have completed the preparation of a CD containing the presentations made at:

The 2006 SPRING AFRC conference
“Bridging the Gap between Fundamentals and Applications”
held at University of Utah on March 16th and 17th, 2006.

This conference is the second of the University of Utah, ongoing biennial series and fulfills a mission of the AFRC to provide timely open forums on the application of applied combustion research and technology to improve the competitiveness of North American Industries and to enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

The Hosts of this conference was Institute of Combustion and Energy Studies at the University of Utah, Advanced Combustion Engineering and Research at Brigham Young University and Reaction Engineering International and the conference committee: Chair Adel Sarofim, Philip Smith, JoAnn Lightly, Eric Eddings and Jost Wendt, all of the University of Utah; Larry Baxter, Brigham Young University; Bradley Adams of Reaction Engineering International and the Coordinator and Registrant: Kim Yokom of the University of Utah.

An excellent technical program included:

  • Low emission burners and their performance in different furnace settings.
  • Boiler and furnace operations and simulations.
  • Emissions of criteria pollutants and air toxics, including mercury, from conventional and unconventional sources.
  • Oxy-fuel combustion.
  • Heterogeneous combustion including biomass.
  • Analysis August 2005 truck detonation incident.

Leonardo Tognotti, University of Pisa, shortly to become the new Director of the IFRF, presented “Plans for the Future of the IFRF” and Mario Graziado, ENEL, discussed ENEL R & D Facilities, which will be available for future IFRF applied research.

The CD

The Conference CD is now available for purchase from the AFRC.

The cost to professional of IFRF affiliate organizations is US$200 plus shipping, handling and wire payment fee, to professional of IFRF non-affiliate organizations, US$S250. (Note: Cost of the CD is net to AFRC treasury plus shipping, handling and all wire fees).

Your cost will be emailed to you by request to afrcjl@earthlink.net.  Be sure to identify your organizational address for shipping, and your IFRF affiliation.

CD Contents

The CD includes 21 presentations in PDF format, 6 duplicated in PPT and 2, PPT plus Media.

The list of presentations and their formats follows.

IFRF Overview – Chair:  Jordan Loftus, Texaco (Retired)

Update on the Relocation of the IFRF, Richard T. Waibel, John Zink
Abstract   PDF

Plans for the Future of the IFRF, Leonardo Tognotti , University of Pisa

ENEL R & D Facilities, Mario Graziado, ENEL

Low Emissions Burners– Chair:  Lee Rosen, Praxair

A Stable Low-Emissions Combustor: Understanding How it Works, Jerry
Seitzman, Georgia Tech
Abstract  PDF PPT & Media

Low Pressure Air-blast Atomization for Combustion at Low Power Levels, Jason Targoff (presenter), Sandra Sattler, Bob Wilson, TIAX
Abstract   PDF

Boiler and Furnace Simulations – Chair: Chuck Benson, Environ

Practical Applications of Combustion CFD Simulation:  Combustion
System Design and Burner Selection for Pyrolysis Furnaces, David
Brown (presenter), Qing Tang, Shaw Stone and Webster & Reaction
Engineering International
Abstract   PDF

Process Burner Spacing, Mahmoud Fleifil, John Zink
Abstract PDF PPT & Media

Combustion Modeling at the University of Pisa/ENEL using the RNA
approach, Leonardo Tognotti, University of Pisa

Combustion-Driven Oscillation in Process Heaters: How to design them
out!, Jim Seebold, Chevron (retired)
Abstract PDF PPT

Emissions– Chair:  JoAnn Lighty, University of Utah

Overview of Mercury Control Technology Status, Blair Martin, EPA

Cold Furnace Startup Emissions, Chuck Baukal, John Zink
Abstract     PDF

Field Demonstration of CANMET Particulate Emission Sampler at
Canadian Oil- and Coal-fired Industrial Installations, S. Win Lee,
Abstract presentation NA

Air Toxics from Unconventional Combustion Sources, Bob Hall, EPA
Abstract PDF

Combustion in Accidents Involving Transportation of Explosives
Chair: Phil Smith, University of Utah

Combustion in Accidents Involving Transportation of Explosives, Phil
Smith, University of Utah

Anatomy of an Accident: The August 2005 Truck Detonation in Spanish
Fork Canyon, Chuck Wight, University of Utah
Abstract      PDF PPT & Media

Simulation of Heat Flux to Containers in a Pool Fire Environment,
Jennifer Spinti, University of Utah
Abstract         PDF PPT & Media

Progress in Solid Propellant Modeling, Merrill Beckstead, Brigham
Young University
Abstract  PDF

Reduction of CO2 Emissions from Industrial Furnaces and Boilers by
Oxy-Fuel Combustion, Sho Kobayashi, Praxair
Abstract  PDF

Ion-Transport Membrane (ITM) Oxygen Production Technology, Arun
Abstract presentation NA

Issues & Utilization on Biomass for Energy Conversion, Larry Baxter,
Brigham Young University
Abstract PDF

Influence of Gas Environment on Conversion of Black Liquor in a
Fluidized Bed Steam Reformer, Kevin Whitty, University of Utah
Abstract PDF

Effect of Background Gas Composition on Coal Ignition and Devolatilization During Oxygen-enhanced Pulverized Coal Combustion, Alejandro Molina, Sandia Combustion Research Facility

Characterization of the Combustion of Iron Pyrite Particles During Pulverized Coal Combustion, Reginald Mitchell, Stanford University

Concluding Comments, Phil Smith, University of Utah