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MNM 10 Downtown Houston.jpgBecause the US feds caved on the question of wind effects on the combustion efficiency of real industrial flares in the field, the scope of the IFRF-style “Mini-TOTeM” that serves to kick-off the AFRC 2014 Industrial Combustion Symposium has been revised as follows:

Title: Are the Band-Aids Ready? Open Critique of the Flare Provisions in EPA’s RTR Refinery Rule Proposal
Keynote Presentation – Scott Evans, Clean Air Engineering
Discussion Moderator – Jim Seebold, AFRC 2014 General Chairman
Link to EPA Proposal: http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/petrefine/20140515fr.pdf

The updated preliminary agenda is now available for the event, which takes place from 7-10 September at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, recently refurbished to the tune of USD 50-million. A rich, three day programme of technical presentations will be offered in a convivial atmosphere. You are cordially invited to come and join the discussion!  I’m buying.  All details on the IFRF Events Calendar.