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      Giovanni Coraggio

Gio.jpgIt was the 24th of June 2004 when I arrived at IFRF in IJmuiden in the Netherlands. I was supposed to undertake a scholarship of just five months….I guess this is how many long stories start.
After 12 years of IFRF our ways part. IFRF will move to UK and I will very likely start a new initiative, possibly continuing to cooperate with the Foundation and more in general with the combustion world.
It is not possible to summarise in few words the unbelievable experience that I gained in these years. Sometimes being IFRF investigator was extremely tough (especially when I was called “the IFRF team”!!); at others it was extremely rewarding.
I had to understand how to work in an international foundation dealing with people from all over the world. I had the opportunity to play with the big “toys” of the ENEL Research Area, we performed experiment with semi-industrial rigs about all the aspects of combustion: gas turbine burners, characterization of furnaces and burners fired with oil, coal and NG, solid fuel characterisation, in-flame measurements, aerodynamic study, optical diagnostic analysis, spray atomisation study. We never got bored.
Nevertheless, looking back at all this time I think that the most valuable heritage that I had from IFRF was to meet nice people from all over the world and have the pleasure to work together with them. With many of you we shared difficult moments at the rigs during experiments, we shared conference and “after-conference” experiences. At the end of the day I think I have plenty of not only colleagues but friends in the combustion field.
So, this is the reason why I wanted to write this little message: I want to thank all of you. I cannot do a list of names because it would be too long. It was a real privilege to work with you and share incredible moments.
I hope our paths will cross again.
IFRF Assistant Director