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British Flame would like to invite our readers to their 2005 Flame Days…

“Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today”

will be held on 20 & 21st October at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Conference Centre attached to RHS Halls, Victoria, where the exhibition takes place.

This event will be held in association with a major international exhibition – Foundry International 2005 – taking place in London.  British Flame is one of the sponsors of this event.

The technical sessions will be held in parallel to the exhibition, with two of the three sessions focusing on combustion-related technical developments in metal heating and melting.  A third session will review developments in power generation industry.

British Flame would welcome contributions from across the international IFRF membership.  This meeting is an excellent opportunity for IFRF  members to promote technical developments and company services to the 2000 expected attendees at the Foundry International exhibition.  IFRF members wishing to submit a paper should send us a 250 word abstract: to be received no later than 31st December 2004.

For further details of the Flame Days can be found at


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Author’s Note:

British Flame now has its own website www.britishflame.org.uk, which provides the UK membership with many additional services and publicity opportunities.  The site gives information on membership, notices of events and meetings, plus links to the members’ own sites and to IFRF NET.  In addition, the members can use the site for advertising, publicity and recruitment purposes.  The website is part of an ongoing strategy to develop British Flame as significant player in the UK energy and environmental sector.