• 14th IFRF Members’ Conference

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Preliminary Programme Now Published!

We would like to invite our readers to our 14th Members’ Conference.  The preliminary programme is now published…


The programme is subdivided into seven sub-topics namely:

  • CO2 Mitigation – Capture and Storage
  • HEC-EEC / Flameless Combustion / High Temperature Air Combustion Technology et al.
  • Biomass – Co-Firing, Gasification et al.
  • Combustion Process Modelling – CFD et al.
  • Industrial, Semi-industrial and Fundamental Combustion Research
  • Measurement Techniques and Combustion Characterisation
  • Gas Turbine Combustion

Poster and Exhibition proposals are now being reviewed and evaluated by our Monitoring Council.  If you are still interested to put in a proposal – we will be happy to consider your proposal.

So don’t forget to register now!