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      IFRF Hydrogen Short Course 2024

The International Flame Research Foundation will hold its first hydrogen short course on 29th April – 3rd May 2024. Based in Sheffield, UK, the course will cover both theoretical and practical elements.

The event will take place at both the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) Technology Centre and the University of Sheffield Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC).

Places on this course are limited to 30, so please book now if you are interested. Get your tickets here! 

Course overview

In this course, you will learn about the technologies and processes that enable the production, utilisation and application of low/zero carbon hydrogen. We will explore the advantages and challenges of using low/zero carbon hydrogen and blend for various applications.

We are in the process of securing a CPD (continued professional development) certification for this course.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for professionals from various backgrounds who want to learn about hydrogen production, utilisation and application,health and safety challenges and hydrogen foresight. You will benefit from this course if you are:

  • A process engineer, chemist, or fuel specialist who wants to learn more about hydrogen production, application, and utilisation.
  • A regional developer who needs a technical overview of hydrogen.
  • An energy and environmental manager who is considering using hydrogen.
  • A process heat system designer who is exploring hydrogen as a heat source.
  • A business development professional who wants to explore new opportunities and markets in the energy sector.

Course benefits

Organisational impact:

This CPD short course is designed to help the organisation enhance its capabilities in the hydrogen related energy business. Participants will learn about the key factors that contribute to the production and use of hydrogen. They will also explore how hydrogen can create positive impacts on CO2 emission and fuel supply security. Finally, you will develop the skills and mindset to address the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic and complex industry.

What you will learn:

This training course will help you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. You will learn how hydrogen is currently produced mainly from fossil fuels, such as natural gas, and next-generation blue and green hydrogen production pathways. You will also explore the challenges and opportunities associated with low/zero carbon hydrogen production. You will acquire the skills to design solutions that can overcome the technical barriers of hydrogen utilisation and combustion. Finally, you will also recognise how hydrogen can contribute to a secure, resilient, and decarbonised energy system.

Key information:

The course will also include one evening dinner event, hosted with a keynote speaker.

The course will be delivered by experts from industry, government, funding bodies, the researchers at the University of Sheffield TERC and hosts from the IFRF.


For this course, you will be able to purchase one of three ticket types, allowing you to experience certain parts of the course or all of it:

  • Two-day theoretical pass (days 1 and 2) – This gives you access to the theoretical days ONLY, which will discuss hydrogen health and safety, economics, policy, production, utilisation and industrial applications.
  • Three-day practical pass (days 3, 4 and 5) – This gives you access to the practical days ONLY, which will include activities on hydrogen combustion, hydrogen flame and heat transfer, modelling and process simulation. It also includes information on regulations, best practice and standards.
  • Full week pass (days 1-5) – Includes all of the above

IFRF members will receive a 10% discount on tickets. Please select the ‘IFRF member’ version of the ticket at checkout.

If your chosen ticket type is no longer available, please email administration@ifrf.net to be added to the waiting list.


Please see the agenda below for more information about activity on each day. This will be updated with speaker names in due course.

Day 1:

  • Welcome and introduction to course
  • Hydrogen and climate neutral strategy
  • Hydrogen economy & financial market opportunities
  • Government legislation & policies – UK, EU (including European Green Deal) and worldwide.
  • Regulatory Framework and Social Acceptance of Hydrogen Energy
  • Hydrogen: H&S challenges

Day 2:

  • Low/zero carbon hydrogen production
  • Environmentally sustainable hydrogen and classification of low emission intensity hydrogen
  • Blue Hydrogen production: technology, cost, challenges, and opportunities
  • Green Hydrogen production: technology, cost, challenges, and opportunities
  • Low carbon Hydrogen production from biomass
  • Hydrogen transport and storage

Day 3:

Hydrogen utilisation technologies for industrial decarbonisation with Practical Examples:

  • Use of Hydrogen in glass industry
  • Fuel Switching (case study and demonstration- 300 kW furnace with hydrogen/blend)
  • Hydrogen/blend in Gas turbine
  • Clean power from hydrogen (case study and demonstration in industrial 300kw GT-CHP facilities)

Day 4:

  • Hydrogen combustion
  • Fundamentals of hydrogen combustion
  • Impact of hydrogen flame on heat transfer and radiation
  • Emissions from hydrogen/blend combustion
  • NOx control
  • Hydrogen/ blend burner design

Day 5:

  • Modelling and process simulation
  • CFD modelling of hydrogen combustion.
  • Hydrogen Utilisation
  • Power to liquid
  • Marine fuel and hydrogen
    Ammonia Natural gas blend
    Best Practices and Regulations, Codes, and Standards
    Key Relevant Global Standards Development Organizations



The nearest hotels to the Translational Energy Research Centre and Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) Technology Centre are:

  • Mercure Sheffield Parkway Hotel (0.6 miles)
  • Premier Inn Sheffield (Arena) (2.5 miles)
  • Holiday Inn Rotherham-Sheffield (2.4 miles)


The AMP – where the majority of the course will take place – has plenty of free parking available on arrival.

TERC – where the practical activities will take place on Wednesday 1st May – requires pay and display parking, available at the nearby Sheffield Business Park, Europa Ct, Tinsley, Sheffield S9 1XZ.

Get your tickets here!