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      4th IERE Webinar

The announcement of the 4th IERE Webinar have been posted on the IERE website


In this webinar, Lectures on “Towards a Carbon Neutral Energy Future” will be presented.

Date:  November 18, 2021

Time:  11:00-13:00 UTC (GMT)

In this Webinar, Not only IERE members but anyone interested in the lecture can join for FREE of charge.

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(Outline of the Webinar)

The carbon neutral energy future is our ultimate goal, but our transition still remains challenging. Most of the countries across the world are stepping up their efforts to tackle it. In this webinar, four IERE members from each region (France, USA, Australia and Japan) will present the path to achieving carbon neutrality in their respective countries/regions from various aspects of technology, economics, policy, strategy, etc.

For email inquiries, please contact: contactus@iere.jp

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