• Sumitomo SHI FW developing CFB combustion technology for global projects

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      Vesna Barisic

      Chair of FFRC

Concern about climate change is a key driving force for the continuous development and implementation of renewable energy technologies at Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW). Fuel-flexible CFB technology, developed since the 1970s, proves to be a sustainable solution for the utilisation of a wide range of renewable and recycled fuels. In addition to the largest 100% biomass firing reference – a 299 MWe CFB boiler on Teesside, UK  that fires wood pellets and chips (start-up 2020) – a 19 MWe CFB firing mainly paper mill rejects and sludge (start-up 2021) was recently commissioned by Cheng Loong Corporation (CLC) in Taiwan.

In addition to innovative solutions for steam generators and environmental technologies, the digitalisation megatrend is enabling novel ways to create and deliver customer value. Value can be created not only in process- or plant-level performance and maintenance benefits, but also throughout the value chain and in strategic decisions and investments. The utilisation of modern data collection and analytics, troubleshooting services and performance analysis enable the integration of the long-standing history of data and human expertise. The migration of process, operations and fuel data, enhanced by the transformation of engineering systems to cloud services is now ongoing and, when ready, will be one of the largest European power plant data sources available for artificial intelligence-based power plant services.

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