• Infradex Oy exhibit at IX Liekkipäivä

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      Philip Sharman

      IFRF Director

Infradex Oy, based in Vantaa, Finland, exhibited at the Finish Flame Research Committee (FFRC) ‘IX Liekkipäivä’ – ‘9th Flame Day’ – at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, last week (see separate Monday Night Mail piece above).

Of particular interest to the delegates at this event was the range of FLIR short-, medium- and long-wave infrared imaging equipment which Infradex were displaying filming the delegates visiting the stand and an incandescent light bulb.  At the request of IFRF Director Philip Sharman, Dr Topi Kaaresoja (Technical Sales Specialist at Infradex) used the FLIR T1020 camera to take thermal images of the Liekkipäivä venue (Dipoli, Aalto University) and Felix Wikholm of Aalto University presenting his technical paper (FFRC 2017 ‘Poltto ja Palaminen’ award for best MSc thesis):  Felix actually used a FLIR high-speed thermal camera in his research!

You can also see amazing thermal high-speed videos of a candle flame here and an ice cube falling into a mug of hot water here – both 50 times slower than normal and filmed using a FLIR X6900sc camera.

Thanks Infradex Oy for your support of IX Liekkipäivä!