• World’s 18th large-scale CCS facility opens in north-east China

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

A new large-scale carbon capture and storage facility has opened in Jilin, north-eastern China, at a gas refining plant operated by PetroChina. Carbon dioxide captured at the plant is to be used for enhanced oil recovery, with 600,000 tonnes of the gas being stored each year in the Jilin oil field. CCS technology had been tested for the last 12 years at the site before it was implemented at full scale, making it the 18th large-scale CCS facility in the world. More are expected to come in China, with the national government including CCS in its current five-year plan, and a country-wide carbon market soon to be introduced. In fact, two other large-scale facilities are currently under development, suggesting China will become a global leader in the technology. With the country rightly concerned about its environmental future, and with power generation growing at 7.8% over the past year to July, China appears to be making the right moves in regards to CCS.