• US government continues pressure on Nord Stream 2 participants with threat of sanctions on German port

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The US government has been continuing its financial pressure on participants of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is to deliver Russian gas to Europe. After the threat of sanctions on participating companies announced in July, three US senators have written to the German port of Mukran, on the Baltic Sea, stating that “crushing legal and economic sanctions” could be imposed on the port if it continues to help facilitate work on the pipeline. As the Financial Times reports, a broad range of German politicians have reacted to the letter as it being an overreach of commercial pressure on an ally. As Frank Kracht , the mayor of Sassnitz, the municipality in which Mukran Port is located, put it, the senators “have no right to influence the sovereignty of our city or our state, the sovereignty of our federal republic, or of Europe with such letters”. The tension surrounding the project seems set to continue.