• UK government energy projections show need for only a small number of new gas-fired stations as renewables become more widespread

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

In further UK news, the Carbon Brief website has analysed government energy and emissions projections to conclude that the country will only need a small number of new gas-fired power plants over the next two decades to meet required demand, with the majority being built over the next four years. These figures are vastly different to the projections of the previous two years; last year, it was predicted that demand for gas would be twice as high by 2035, which was already half as much as that predicted the year before. In place of gas is renewables with battery storage, with renewables expected to be the largest source of power generation by 2020, and the shift is driven largely by the cost of renewables falling faster than expected. Carbon Brief, however, describes the methodology behind the predictions as “opaque”, with a freedom for information request for the details denied last year, meaning some caution should be exercised when reading the figures. Nevertheless, the analysis is detailed and interesting, as is the prediction that indicates that the UK will slightly miss its carbon-equivalent emissions reductions target of 57% by 2032 from 1990 levels, instead achieving 54%.