• Tata Steel trialling modular carbon capture in steel plant in India

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

In interesting news from India, a blast furnace at Tata Steel India’s Jamshedpur steel plant has been equipped with a modular carbon capture unit developed by Carbon Clean. The unit is capturing 5 tonnes/d of CO2, which is then reused within the plant, meaning that storage is not required; however, Tata envisages using larger carbon capture units in the future and utilising the carbon dioxide to produce methanol and other products. As The Chemical Engineer reports, the companies say the current carbon capture demonstration at the Jamshedpur plant is a first of its kind within the steel industry, but Carbon Clean plans to rapidly accelerate the rollout of its technology. T V Narendran, CEO of Tata Steel, said of the new initiative that for “the sustainability of the steel industry globally and particularly in a growing country like India, it is essential that we find economical solutions for capturing and use of CO2 at scale. Leadership in mitigating emissions, accessing low-cost clean energy, and providing circular economy solutions will define our sector’s journey going forward.”