• Tata Steel moves HIsarna steelmaking technology to final testing stage

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Tata Steel has progressed a new technology for reducing carbon emissions from steelmaking to its final testing stage, as the Financial Times reports. Known as HIsarna, the technology does not require several conventional pre-processing steps, instead liquefying iron ore in a high-temperature cyclone and then combining the molten ore with powdered coal, thereby reducing energy use and CO2emissions by at least 20%. Together with carbon capture and storage, Tata envisages a total reduction in CO2 emissions of 80%, which would be revolutionary for the industry. It will not be until 2025 at the earliest, however, that a commercial scale implementation of HIsarna will be in place, and it would cost around €350m (US$420 million), but this is likely to be earlier than any installation of any rival hydrogen-based low-carbon steelmaking process.