• Norwegian government approves trial of shared carbon capture and storage system

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

In an update on a story covered earlier this year in the Combustion Industry News, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has approved funding for the demonstration of a combined transport and storage facility for carbon captured from two separate industrial sites – a Heidelberg Cement factory in Brevik, and a waste incineration plant in Oslo. The two facilities are around 115 km apart, but the storage site is off the west coast of Norway, near the Troll field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The captured CO2 will be transported first by ship (in a move that will interest Japan, which is also planning to experiment with the shipping of CO2) to an onshore facility on the west coast of the country before being piped to the undersea storage site (which does not appear to be part of an enhanced oil recovery program). With the shipping component, the scheme is not quite the shared piping system to a shared storage site that has been talked of, but is nevertheless a useful step in that direction for the CCS industry worldwide.