• GE looking to sell digital arm as growth slows

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

GE is looking to sell the digital arm of its business, according to the Wall Street Journal (via Reuters). Former GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt made digital business a focus of the company, envisaging GE’s role as a “digital industrial company”, but the strategy has not been as successful as Mr Immelt hoped. Competition from other providers and technical difficulties in the development of its own services has slowed the growth of GE Digital, with revenue flat to the latest quarter this year from the corresponding quarter last year. Programmer layoffs have begun to occur, and new Chief Executive John Flannery says GE’s focus will be narrowed to jet engines, power plants and renewable energy. It is somewhat unclear from the report if the digital services for power plants will be part of the sale of GE Digital, but it appears unlikely to be the case, as those services have been under GE Power until now.