• Emissions limits to be imposed on almost 50 GW of Chinese coal-fired power generation

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Chinese regulators are to force owners of 48.68 GW of coal-fired power generation to upgrade their facilities to meet emissions standards for NOx, SO2 and particulate emissions. It seems the relevant standards are 100 mg/m3 for NOx, 50 mg/m3 for SO2 and 20 mg/m3 for particulates, set in 2012 for enforcement beginning in 2014, though some regional variations appear to have been allowed. (An official document stating emissions limits could not easily be found.) The brief Energyworld article states that all plants must be converted to meet the “ultra-low” emissions standard before 2020, and that utilities in the central part of the country will have to complete their conversions by the end of this year. Those utilities failing to meet the deadlines will have their facilities shut down. The news is additional evidence of the seriousness with which the Chinese government is taking the issue of air pollution.