• CO2 utilisation summit suggests CCU/CCS term change to ‘Carbontech’

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

That issue of perception was raised at the 10th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit, held in Tampa, Florida, USA in late February and early March. One of the interesting talks at the summit proposed the use of a new term, ‘carbontech’, which would mean “an emerging innovation theme where value is created from the conversion of industrial and atmospheric carbon to fuels, soils, chemicals, plastics, materials, and other industrial products”. The idea is that a new term would help transform the public awareness and perception of carbon capture and utilisation into something more well-known and positive, and comes after a survey that showed only moderate levels of awareness of CCU by US congressional staff, and low levels of their perception of it as something positive. In a related aspect of the summit, there was an appreciation that the new tax credit scheme for CCS and CCU would help spur technological development and deployment.