• C-Capture Launches Trial to Capture Carbon from Cement Sector

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UK-based C-Capture has initiated a new trial at the Heidelberg Materials cement plant in Lincolnshire. The trial will use a carbon capture solvent compatibility unit (CCSCU) designed and built by C-Capture and partner Wood in an attempt to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue gas emissions produced during cement manufacture. A similar trial by the company is currently underway at Pilkington UK’s glass manufacturing site in St Helens.

C-Capture’s post-combustion carbon capture solution is unlike others in that it does not rely on the use of amine-based absorption – which the company says can lead to solvent degradation and result in the formation of toxic compounds such as nitrosamines, nitramines and amides.

The technology was recently showcased at a roundtable on accelerating decarbonisation. The event was attended by the Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance who said the UK’s carbon capture industry is supported by a £20bn (USD25bn) investment.