• Bangladesh announces two new gas projects worth US$5.8 billion

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The government of Bangladesh has announced the launch of two major power projects and associated infrastructure with a combined estimated value of US$5.8 billion (€4.98 billion). The first of the projects is to be a joint venture between GE, Mitsubishi, and Bangladeshi firm Summit, and will consist of oil and LNG terminals and a 2,400 MW gas-fired power plant, made up of four 600 MW units. GE will supply their HA gas turbines for the units. The project is to commence in 2019 and is to be complete in 2023. The other project will also feature an LNG terminal, with a larger 3,600 MW combined-cycle gas-fired power plant, also involving GE. The two projects will thus deliver a maximum of 6 GW of power generation capacity to a country where almost 30% of the population (which equates to something like 45 million people) do not enjoy access to electricity. It is also good news for GE after its reputation in South Asia suffered somewhat through a series of projects in Pakistan.