• Australian power company AGL to upgrade Bayswater plant turbines

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Australian power producer AGL has announced plans to upgrade its coal-fired Bayswater Power Station, in the state of New South Wales, by replacing the turbines and associated equipment in a AUD$200 million (US$156 million/€127 million) project. Bayswater became fully operational in 1986 and has four 660 MW units; with the new Toshiba turbines, AGL hopes to squeeze 100 MW more from the station, a 3.8% efficiency increase. The company was at pains to stress that greenhouse gas emissions would not rise as a result of the project, AGL having positioned itself as more of a clean-energy company, making headlines last year in its rejection of the federal government’s request that it extend the life of another of its coal-fired plants, Liddell, which is due to close in 2022. The upgrade to Bayswater is expected to take place between 2019 and 2022 if approved by the NSW government. In September last year, the Australian Energy Market Operator released a report which stated that coal-fired power plant closures were creating “increasing and unacceptable risk that there will be insufficient capability in the system”, but an increase of 100 MW is unlikely to do much to reduce that risk.